Wednesday , 7 December 2016
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  • Stock Scam Artists

    Who is Most Likely to Become Victims of Stock Fraud?

    We have all heard news stories of people who have been defrauded out of hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  At the time of hearing their stories you feel bad for that person, but you don’t ever think of being defrauded can happen to you.  There ar…

  • I think I've found my new stoke broker

    How to Choose between a Financial Advisor and a Stockbroker

    You have worked hard for you money and you know you need to save it for the future, but you want your money to work for you as hard as it can and that may mean that you need to call in a professional.  There are differences in the type of professiona…

  • fraud in money

    5 Tips for Stock Fraud Prevention

    Today’s society brings with it more and more opportunities for violations in online privacy, investments and cyber security. It’s happening at an alarming rate. In fact, from 2005 to 2009, securities fraud rose by nearly 400 cases, according to the F…

  • MoneyTightening

    The Big Monetary Tightening

    The big global monetary tightening is slowly getting underway, but contrary to common expectations it is not led by USA’s Federal Reserve. While the Fed have been pondering whether to increase interest rates for the last couple of weeks, the flow of …

  • Money Tightening

    USD Advances Against its Major Competitors on Positive Reports

    On Wednesday the USD finished the day higher against the Euro and against most of the major currencies, after market players were showered by positive economic data from the USA. The preliminary unemployment report in the USA showed that the economy …

  • google sign2

    Google Enters Video Monitoring

    The US Giant Google is to buy a video-monitoring company called Dropcam for $550 mln. With this deal at hand, the giant will be able to gather even more data about its users’ private lives. The deal has been mediated by Nest Labs, which was acquired …

  • Germany reserves

    Germany’s Gold Remains in New York

    Germany has decided that USA is a safe haven for its gold reserves. Last year, the increased skepticism towards the Euro during Europe’s debt crisis took its toll and led to a political decision for the retrieval of Germany’s gold reserves back to it…

  • $16 Bln Deal Canceled

    Airbus Suffers Heavy Blow, $16 Bln Deal Canceled

    The European Airbus consortium suffered a historical loss caused by deal cancellation after airline company Emirates gave up 70 pre-ordered units of Airbus A350 valued at $16 bln, reported Bloomberg. With this situation at hand, it looks like Airbus …

  • ACTC logo

    Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (ACTC) Strangled by Heavy Selling Pressure

    The candlesticks on the stock chart of Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (ACTC) have been feeling a relentless gravity force since the end of last week and today, during the early trading hours, ACTC stock hit a new 52-week low, delivering a sixth nerve…

  • apple-beats2

    Apple Signs Deal with Dr. Dre

    The company is to spend $3.2 billion for Beats Electronics LLC Apple is going to sign a deal with Dr. Dre. Bloomberg announced that the tech giant was about to acquire the famous rapper’s headphones and audio accessories brand Beats Electronics LLC. …

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